Want to rent property but do not know how to look and what information to look out for ?

  1. How do you find letting agents a place to live?

To find a property to rent, you may need to use a letting agent  who will help you choose the right property and location for yourself  and your financial budget –  Lettings rent out properties on landlords’ behalf and take certain commission on the rent and support you with your tenancy agreement .

Most reliable Letting agents cannot charge you just for registering or to show you their list of properties available for rent. However, Letting agents otherwise they’re free to charge any fees they like – for example, for credit checks, admin and even releasing your deposit. So always ask before you commitment and make sure you have read all instructions and do feel freely to ask questions or ay enquires before signing.

2. How do you protect your rights on letting agent?

Always keep yourself protected and there are insurance you can take to protect yourself and tenancy agreement.  Always remember to read all paper document and do not sign anything unless you have read every information Clearly and agree with tenancy. 

Once you get the contract, read it carefully before signing. Check it includes how much the deposit and rent is, when it’s due, and what it covers ( such as  council tax, utility bills, and other things with guidance such  things you can do and cannot  do in the  property such as whether you’re allowed to  change certain furniture without permission or smoke in the property and sharing rooms with people not on the letting contract)

Always Discuss your reasons things you are unhappy especially with any certain things if you disagree on, or don’t understand, with the landlord or letting agent will give you the best possible advise. If they do not agree to certain changes and always remember you have your  rights and do your research and ASK for more information.  Advise please do not  always rely on all the information are given without written information,  be positive what you are buying or letting into and you agree with the  terms and condition of the agreement. Ensure the contract’s changed too you so you have peace of mind and proof of agreed agreement on paper.

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 3. Always remember your tenancy right and agreement.

Which type of tenancy agreement you have, and when your contract started, will affect your rights, so please be assured to check which you have.  Usually   ‘assured shorthold tenancy agreements’ are generally the most common type of renting with a private landlord but please do ask the letting agents know if you are not sure of anything and what are the agreements.

As an assured tenant you have the right to stay in your accommodation unless your landlord can convince the court there are good reasons for eviction, for example  if you have rent arrears or damage to the property, or that another of the terms of the agreement has been broken known as breach of contract.

4. what do you need to find when renting ?

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When you find a property, how much rent you pay will usually be reflected in whether it includes bills or not – so this is something to consider and plan ahead, taking responsibility including  bills, you’re going to need to prepare  plan to sort out all utilities by yourself  such as including gas and electricity, council tax, water and broadband and budget on  other household essentials.

Remember to prepare yourself as you will need to also locate meters when you move into property to take meter readings. Whoever is main charge of the letting the property will need to make sure responsibility of utility and will need to submit meter readings throughout the year to make sure you are paying the correct amount and not being overcharged. .  To avoid high expected payment and being overcharged for all high bills alone without knowing who is main responsible for all bills. So if you live with  other people, it’s probably a good idea and advisable  to divide  the bills between you and work out any extra each individual who you live with and plan ahead  how much is owed once all bills have been paid and keep  separate bank accounts with proof of payments .

But be careful  who you  rent living accommodation responsibilities  with , by having a joint bills account with a flatmate will mean that your credit records become financially linked, which means firms can access and look at that person’s credit report as part of assessing whether to accept you for a financial product in future if your house mate has poor credit his. So please make sure to protect yourself and credit history.

If your friends or flatmates who you are ,living  has a poor credit history or lots of debts, keep your finances rigidly separate (if you want to know more about how credit scoring works,  this blogg will give your great recommendations  of well -known credit scoring agencies.  

5. Can Paying your rent on time can boost your credit score ?

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Yes private tenants can boost credit score and can join to the free Rental Exchange scheme, which can record all your rental payments and sends the results to credit direct reference agency.( This blogg will look at  recommended Credit rating agencies)   Having rent being paid on regular basis is a very good way to  boost your credit rating, which will help you  in the near  future especially when you apply for certain financial products such as credit cards, loans and mortgages. It always best advice to keep regular check and keep updated with credit card agency and knowing your credit score  history.

I really hope the blog has been helpful and has given some advise on renting especially  if you are new to the UK and would like to get more information.   Always remember you can speak to letting agents for advice free of charge for any advise or information before thinking or to letting. I have attached all the well known and highly recommended agents  if you are thinking of using letting agents ,  or buying houses  or looking for student accommodation.

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