Going to work interview some people may find stressful and some may go through alot of anxiety and over preparation for the interview which can end up leading them feeling exhausted even before going to the interview.

Key idea is to keep yourself calm and being prepared before the interview is very important. Do practise and prepare knowing how to perform at the interview and knowing about the role of the work you are passion to work with and prepare what to expect the questions at the interview.

Here are few tips how to prepare and how to be successful to having your dream job .

First advice would be to be confident within yourself and relax your mind but yet be ready for the interview with a good presentation and good background knowledge in what job role you are applying for.


Plan you interview preparation weeks before the interview not too late or not to early.

Do your research on the job role you are applying and what to expect at the role ?

Visualise yourself working at the role and all the things you would like to contribute at this position.

Look into your CV and add or adjust your CV to their job requirement you are applying for.

Check the work requirements and what is expected from the job you are applying to as every job will have different work requirements.

Knowing about the position This will keep you ready for any questions and keep you prepared of what might be expected at work and the questions you may be asked at the interview.

Remember to have some main key selling points answer for yourself for questions like such as ‘ Why you are the best candidate for the job?’ and this will keep you ready to answer them in a positive way. There are other key examples such as good sample of ‘your previous experience’ and what skills you have? What are your strength for this position? o into eve

to five key selling points in mind, such as best candidate for the position

To make you more confident and comfortable try to be ready to answer questions at the interview. You can prepare yourself in a fun way at home before the interview.

You can have an Interview role play with yourself or with a friend or one of your family member.

Rehearse before you go to the interview for such vital important questioned you may be asked such as ‘ Why should they hire you and questions on skills and experience. Practising and rehearsing before the interview will keep you confident and motivated and prepared enjoying the whole process.


Always prepare yourself with at least three referees who cam give you positive reference on your behalf to the employer which you will be required and needed the most when you are a successful and selected for the position. So always prepare yourself before with your references as this a next stage to being selected for the position to save time where you can start the position due to start date.

This can be your previous work manager / Family member or a friend who knows you very well and give you a small personal positive information about you as a reference and how you are perfect for the job from their positive feedback.

ALSO you may not all the reference and some employers do not require to check certain refference and employ you straight way anyway.

Think positive but realistic of expectation. See the whole interview process as an experience , be positive you are ready for the job however there is also a chance you may or may not get the positioned offered.

This can be for many reasons and not because you have not been good or have been unsuccessful at the interview. The business or the organisation of the work place may require limited number of amount of candidates and their work place position might be overloaded by candidates. This can be due how many candidates they require to work for them and may limit the work offer available..So please do not be down with yourself or feel upset that you were not ‘good enough ?’ Keep having faith in yourself and do not give and keep positive as you will succeed in finding g your dream job.


Arriving on good time.

Be prepared and providing a very smart polite presentation. Dress smartly in a present a way

You may wish shake your hands at first instance to the employer

Remember to have a very polite and friendly manner and Impress the interviewer to greet them with a smile.

As mentioned above from my blog being calm and less nervous will help you towards succeeding your interview more comfortably and positively.

First key will be by being yourself the way you have imagined and visualised your dream job for .this position and relaxing the mind will make you much better in your performance.

Look ready for the interview and presenting yourself with confidence, enthusiasm and passion of interest working for them.

Show enthusiasm and speak clearly about your experiences and skills, and show confidence and remember to be proud of your accomplishments and let your personality shine and being professional .

Be ready for the questions , remember you already have been chosen for the interview. ( There is a great chance you can be successful at the interview)

First question the interviewer may ask ‘Tell me more about yourself’ question ?

Also it is best to avoid talking too much and just to be clear to the point and answer questions related to the question asked.

Always listen to the questions with enthusiasm and interest and present yourself with confidence

When the interview is coming to an end , thank the interviewer for their kind time and leave a very good impression with a polite manner and tell them you look forward hearing from them soon.The interviewer will be impressed and may recommend you for other future working opportunities if they do not have a place for this position you are not applying for and may offer other recommend jobs.

When you are successful , or unsuccessful it is recommended to follow up with the interviewer and contact them and thank them for your kind time and encourage for feedbacks when unsuccessful which will present your stronger and sincere and more professional and do better in your next interview.


It is always very handy to bring a copy of your CV, Record of acheivements , Certificates of good grades, and qualifications which you can give to he interviewer in the beginning.

Some workplace during the interview process will require passport / proof of home address , also some may require bank details before the interview in advacnce .

Do not worry if you do not have them as some work places do not always ask for them during the interview. Once the interveiwer finished thir interview process and have selected the right candidate for the position and they will ask for further information.

So do keep all documents handy.


Congratulations when you are successful , you will receive a telephone call or a letter by post or e mail. Remember to thank the interviewer and keep contact with them until you start date on your work date. It is recommended to keep contact them for a longer time if you are applying through recruitment agency, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT receive the job role this time remember there are many other work opportunities out there which other employers and Recruitment agent looking for the right candidate like you.

Soo please do not give up and have good faith in yourself you and remember everyone is a winner at interview.!! You will land your dream job or career.

Good luck.

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