Coronavirus has played an impact on our everyday lives and has affected our confidence and the ability to go to work or look for work on many ways. Do feel assure never feel let down or change yourself in anyway of having a job and stopping yourself from your career.

If you need to look for work which a lot of people doing right now for opportunites then here are some tips on what to expect in the jobs market but always do remember this will not be always like this nad yuour suffering for work will not always be like this .

All workpaces are trying to work remotely and work from home as much as they to protecty yourself and the workplace from the spread of virus. Things will be alot different now and how managers from work plavce will contact you in very different way and how to perform task from ho,e or remotley.

There first changed of recruiting and emplyiong people will be vurtually at the monent until things turn into normal this will start from work interview.

Video and Telephone interviews are the safest way forward for the foreseeable future. Employers will be able to interview candidates this way without physically meeting them, safe for both parties involved to protect and stop from the virus affecting others .

Always be prepared and be ready to be interviewed this can be first done well be fore the interview like you would attend everyday normal interview. THis will b e done Interviewed either Video or telephone.

Video and Telephone interviews are the safest way forward for the foreseeable future. Employers will be able to interview candidates this way without physically meeting them, safe for both parties involved.

Tips for Video interviews

1. Make sure in advance that you are preapred applyinmg for the job you are applying for and you have your technology such as computer or Tablets that works with good internet comnnection. You alweays must be prepared ways to prepare yourself when the intervuewer contact you trough the contact number which you have provided such as a land telephhone line or your mobile telephone.. It will not look good if the first part of the interview is spent with you trying to set up a good connection. Maybe test your technology on a friend first.

2. Just like any other ordonary interview , an first impression is always important. Dress appropriately, at least from the waist up and present yourself polietly.

3. Make sure you sit in a place that has nothing behind you that is distracting and make your workplace professional and in a very convenient working environment.

4. Try to make sure you are not distacted and remind others that you are being interviewed to reduce any chance interruption while you are being interviewed and also from any embarrassment.

5 Do please remember to Look at the camera lens and not the picture on the screen to establish eye contact .

6 Always be prepared in advance that your computer is working and have internet connection and you your camera is working and fixed that you are not holding it.

7 Always remember first impression is very important and your body language. Smile when appropriate and show interest . Avoid too much fidgeting like , yawning nose rubbing, ear scratching this will may make you look you nervous and also interupt attention to the interviewer.

8 Remember this intervew may be slightly better and easier than any other interviews you had brefore, being interviewed via video you have the advantage of having notes and sticky notes to jot down information you might need, or questions you want to ask the interviewer.

9 A Video or Telephone interview is a real interview so prepare well, dress appropriately, and remember that virtual first impressions are just as important as real-life ones .and preapre yourself.

You may need to Work From Home

You may need to start work working from home to avoid unnecessary spreading of Coronavirus in the workplace. This may be temporary or can be a long term permanent contract..

Social Distancing is very important either if yiou are working as keyworker or you are you are working from home. As a key worker you are doing the best for thde others and also need to protect yourselve first cleansing hands and keep social distance and must attempot to wear a face covering mask , gloves, or other PPE at all times.


Congraulations when you do get the job offered but do remember working environment may be difeent from others and to be patient as wpork places may need more time to get you set up and get you ready for work so you may need to wait a bit longer than usual for your start dates

When you do start work be prepared to following some rules to ensure everyone stays safe as working conditions will be different from usual working rules and workplace will do thier best to be better for you.

We thank you as a key worker for all the sacrifice and time you are giving in this difficult pandemkic cisris.

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